Sunday School at Bethany

SS for all ages

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:50 for Sunday School!
We have classes for all ages.  Find your class below!




The nursery is provided for babies from birth to age three.  Two adults nurture, feed, and cuddle these little ones.  Michelle Shoemaker ( organizes the nursery workers and is always in need of volunteers to help.

All preschool age children are welcome to join this class for hands-on activities, games, story time and memorizing Bible verses. They use Live Big curriculum along with a video series featuring Mr. Z and Bongo. Leslie Wagoner ( teaches this class.

Grades K-2
The Kindergarten – 2nd grade class is filled with children who are learning the stories of Jesus. By talking with each other, playing games, creating art and listening to stories we learn what the Bible has to teach us. Each month we have a new Bible verse that helps keep God’s word in our hearts. Come have fun with us! The teachers is Mae Houff (

Grades 3-5
We connect with God in community by reading and exploring Bible stories and then bringing the Scriptures closer within activities, games and projects. We grow in our likeness to Jesus by learning the deeper truths in Bible lessons. We look for ways to serve our neighbors and discover how we can use our gifts and talents to serve. The teachers are Elizabeth and Rebecca Williams ( and Jeff and Julie Ritchie (


Junior and Senior Highs

The BUMS, as they are affectionately known, are youth in junior and senior high school.  The goal of their class is to study the Bible and apply it to the challenging life of a teenager.  Through games, various media, hands-on activities and direct study of Scripture, we seek a closer relationship with Jesus and the plan that God has for our lives.  Our class time is a vital part of our youth program and we warmly invite all youth in grades 6-12 to join us!  Contact Gary Dean ( with questions and interest!


The 29ers
The 29ers are single and married men and women in their 30’s and 40’s. We have a great time talking about faith, and although we take our learning seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Our class follows the themes from Sunday morning worship; we discuss the sermon and relevant Bible texts and how they apply to our lives. Please come check us out!

Women’s Discipleship

This class was formed to enhance the spiritual life of class members while increasing their understanding of the Scriptures.  The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed. The co-leaders, Kathleen Stump ( and Geneva Burns ( acknowledge that God is in charge of the lessons as He is in charge of their lives.  Class members are encouraged to ask questions and share their thoughts.  All women are welcome to join us anytime.

New Beginnings

Our class has an eclectic approach to study materials, usually choosing a study of eight to ten sessions.  Frequently, our books and DVDs apply Biblical principles to life situations.  Other times we study a particular book of the Bible.  We encourage discussion and our goal is spiritual growth measured in life change.


The Sojourners were once the young adults and have grown older (not old!).  This class enjoys watching short DVD segments and having lively discussions on issues confronting Christians in today’s world. Adults of all ages are invited to join us. Randy Roller ( is the leader.

Faith Bible class
This class is open to all adults.  The only literature used is the Bible.  The class always opens with prayer for people in need, for the church, the community, our country and the world.  They are currently studying the book of Isaiah and are taking a chapter a week.

Faith Fellowship

The members of this class are 55 and older.  Their lessons come from Adult Bible Studies Quarterly. They also enjoy meeting together once a month for lunch with the “Young at Hearts” group.


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